Welcome To Shed & Co. a Denver Spa Collective


About Shed & Co.

What is in a name? For me, Shed has always been about letting go of the bad to make room for the good. From quitting my old career that I hated to make room for this career to shedding acne and stress for clear skin and balance. I started out solo as Shed Aesthetics but did not stay solo for long. My wonderful friend who is a massage therapist joined me right away and we made spa magic doing facials and massages together in a tiny little upstairs art studio. She moved away and I moved to a bigger space, I traded in Shed Aesthetics for Shed Skin & Massage. Another one of my amazing friends who is a massage therapist joined me and we have collected other amazing healers along the way. Each of us our own business and yet at the same time one. Shed has always been a little bit of a spa collective. We are now Shedding the Skin & Massage for Co. Co. representing the individuals that work with me to make Shed whole as they are their own companies. It also symbolizes the company that we keep between one another, we bring our unique visions together to make a team. Lastly, Co. standing for the company we keep with the most important people in this whole story, YOU. The company we keep between our companies, ourselves and our clients is the most important part that brings it all together. Welcome to Shed & Co!


“My skin LOVES Amber and her team at Shed. I struggled with extreme dry skin most of my life and was very worried about how bad it would be considering this is the first time I've lived in a climate without humidity. Thanks to Amber, that hasn't been an issue. My skin feels amazing and I'm so thankful Amber was able to get it back in check!” - Kayla R.